Who Is The Jones Party Of 5

It’s fun to see so many people enjoying our kids!  We’ve loved all the heart-warming responses from people all around the world.  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful contributions and support.

The Jones Party Of 5

Meet The Jones Party of 5:  

Mom – Katie (domestic house goddess)

Dad – Skyler (hunter and gatherer)

Older Brother – Griffin (red-headed wild-child 5-year-old)

Twins – Falcon & Phoenix (thing 1 and thing 2) aka the Twins

 We live in Saratoga Springs, Utah – just outside of Salt Lake City.  It’s where we raise this crazy, little family.

The twins have an amazing story… we’re lucky to have them in our lives.

There were a lot of complications at birth.  They were born 8 weeks early at 3.5lbs and 4.5lbs – and spent their first month of life in the NICU – we almost lost them and Katie – it was a miracle they survived.  After Katie was released from the hospital, she had to drive to the NICU 3 times a day to nurse them.  But after a month of doing this, the troopers made it through!  And in the end thankfully, they’ve all made remarkable recoveries and are healthier than ever.

Neither of us have a history of twins – it’s the first set of twins in both of our families… so they came as quite a shock.  The fact that they were both boys however, was sadly predictable – I come from a line of 4 generations of all-boy families – my grandpa came from 5, my dad came from 7, I come from 5, and I have 3 boys.

The twins’ big brother, Griffin, is a wild, show-stopping red-head – he’s always loved the lime-light, and always gets so much attention everywhere we go.  We were concerned when the twins came that they wouldn’t get enough attention in Griffin’s shadow… I think we can officially put that to rest.

If you want to check out more funny clips videos and stories, visit http://www.jonespartyof5.com/funny-clips-videos or our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/TwinnerWinners.

We’re glad to see so many people loving our twins as much as we do!  Enjoy the site and we’ll see you around…


The Jones Party Of 5