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One would think that a “child containment unit” would not be necessary to keep a child in bed at night or during nap time.  These people clearly only have one baby, or at least one baby at a time.  I also would have been a believer of not needing one…until we had twins.  More specifically once our twins have grown up into being crazy 2 year olds.  They literally scratch each other so bad when they wake up and start fighting that not only do we wake up to horrific screaming but there faces are constantly reflections of what a horror movie would produce.  It is not that they are these fierce creatures either, and yes we cut their nails short, but some how those little nails are like razor blades and slice so easy.  Solution, baby containment unit.  Our first attempt consisted of drywall and 2X4’s but looked a little to inhumane, not that it stopped us, it was actually the fact we couldn’t reach down in to get them in and out in order for it to be high enough that they couldn’t reach the top and climb out.  First attempt, fail.  Our second attempt we were much more successful we went out and bought bunk beds that were sturdy wood ones and then made out of a full sheet a front door to keep them from escaping. We even made them look good by cutting a window in them and putting a mesh so they could see each other and talk to each other, just not rip each other to shreds.  Problem solved…sort of.  They busted out.  Time for reinforcements.  In came the tie downs on all parts of the bunk beds.  Finally, a complete baby containment unit that satisfying human services.

We turn to each other, can you hear that honey….no…exactly, better sleep at last!

Twins Mimic Daddy’s SneezeTwins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Enjoy the original “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze” viral video!  Our little twinners are so clever as they hear daddy sneeze and say, “Hey!  We can do that!”  Just watch and see… it’s adorable!

After you watch the video, click here to learn more about the story behind this video and how someone stole the Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze.

The Cute BabiesThe Cute Babies

The Cute Babies

Watch the cute babies twins as they laugh their hearts out over the monkey!  Then click here to get the whole story on the cute babies and the monkey and why it made them laugh so hard…