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I know that each parent probably things their kids say the funniest things, but I am telling you our oldest son ever since he learned to talk really does say the most random and funny things I have ever heard a kid say.  Let me give you an example.  We were on a fun trip to Yellowstone and we were hungry.  We stopped at Wendy’s to get some food so we could get back on the road as quick as possible because the twins were still asleep.  And as any parent knows if the kids are asleep you want to get as far into the road trip as possible while they are asleep.  So we went through the drive through and ordered Griffin a kids meal and our food.  We all start eating.  We are about 3 minutes into the drive when we hear from the back seat…

“Those suckers forgot to give us napkins”

Hahaha. We started laughing so hard because he was so upset that he was not given a napkin from inside his kids meal.  Of course we did get napkins and they were in the front seat, they just didn’t happen to make it back to the back of the van where he was sitting.  I wish I could remember all the great lines, but this one certainly ranks up there with some of the better ones.

Twins Mimic Daddy’s SneezeTwins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Enjoy the original “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze” viral video!  Our little twinners are so clever as they hear daddy sneeze and say, “Hey!  We can do that!”  Just watch and see… it’s adorable!

After you watch the video, click here to learn more about the story behind this video and how someone stole the Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze.

The Cute BabiesThe Cute Babies

The Cute Babies

Watch the cute babies twins as they laugh their hearts out over the monkey!  Then click here to get the whole story on the cute babies and the monkey and why it made them laugh so hard…