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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and just started giggling uncontrollably?  Most likely the answer is no.  Unless of course you have been drinking way to much that night.  But other than that, probably not.  That is the difference between us and babies.  Babies for some reason can find it absolutely hilarious to see themselves in the mirror.  We once set our oldest in front of a mirror and he was so fascinated he spent over 2 hours just trying to grab himself and then cracking up when he couldn’t.

Even now to this day our twins love the mirrors and love to smile at themselves.  We will sometimes catch them standing in front of the mirror doing little dances or just giggling.  It always makes me smile when they do this.  So if you are short on toys but have a mirror, maybe you will be lucky like us and have kids that think it is better than any toy.  If you don’t have  a mirror, bust out your cell phone, video tape them for about 5 minutes than just let them watch themselves for the next 5 minutes.  And i bet you money they will want to watch it more than once.  How is that for buying yourself time say waiting in a line, at the grocery store etc.  Plus who knows, you might just capture the next youtube viral video everyone will want to watch.

Happy mirror watching to you all, and remember, if you find yourself laughing at yourself in the mirror, start drinking water.

Twins Mimic Daddy’s SneezeTwins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Enjoy the original “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze” viral video!  Our little twinners are so clever as they hear daddy sneeze and say, “Hey!  We can do that!”  Just watch and see… it’s adorable!

After you watch the video, click here to learn more about the story behind this video and how someone stole the Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze.

The Cute BabiesThe Cute Babies

The Cute Babies

Watch the cute babies twins as they laugh their hearts out over the monkey!  Then click here to get the whole story on the cute babies and the monkey and why it made them laugh so hard…