The Cute Baby

When was the last time you went out in public and someone said, “oh what a cute baby.”  I love to go out because one it gets me out of the house and I get to have real adult conversations and two, it is a guilty pleasure but I do like it when others compliment on the cute baby I have.  And I am lucky because not only do I have one cute baby, I have 2.  The twins draw in so much attention.

Perhaps one of my favorite times is when we were driving to California from Utah and we stopped into a casino in vegas for the night.  We were waiting to check in and this burly biker dude comes up and stops right in front of us.  We kind of didn’t know what to do.  he looks over at the other biker gal next to him, then looks back at us.  Man that babies cute as shit.  Yep, from the cute baby to, that baby is cute as shit.  Oh boy we couldn’t wait to share that story with everyone and we did, and we share it now.

The other day I was out walking with the twins the Griffin, who once was the cute baby but now the older cute brother and a couple driving a mini van actually stopped their car to see the kiddos.  They couldn’t believe that we had a red-head and a set of twins.  Normally this would probably freak someone out a random couple stopping to check the kids out, but as time goes this because ironically a more common occurrence than you would think.  And I don’t right this to say, oh look at us, it just makes me think of how lucky I have been to be blessed with such cute babies that people are willing to stop by and say hi, ask questions.

I really enjoy my kiddos and like I said, I like going out in public because I do like the attention my kids get and it gives me a break and time to talk to other adults.  One thing to note, siblings always get older and do sometimes get jealous when they are no longer the cute baby.

Twins Mimic Daddy’s SneezeTwins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Enjoy the original “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze” viral video!  Our little twinners are so clever as they hear daddy sneeze and say, “Hey!  We can do that!”  Just watch and see… it’s adorable!

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The Cute BabiesThe Cute Babies

The Cute Babies

Watch the cute babies twins as they laugh their hearts out over the monkey!  Then click here to get the whole story on the cute babies and the monkey and why it made them laugh so hard…