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Our house is a constant dance party.  If music comes on guaranteed one of our kids starts dancing.  As parents we enjoy dancing, but our kiddos definitely take it to the next level.  Here are a few of the epic dances we have caught on tape just to be safe in proving our point of an affinity for dancing.

Lady Gaga- the sweet car dance.  On our trip to California Lady Gaga came over the radio and the twins just started dancing away however they could strapped down in their 5 point harness car seats.  They really flail their bodies to make sure we know they are digging the sound.

Eye of the Tiger- as if Rocky even comes close to the energy our 3 boys display in this epic dance battle.  Once they realized I was filming them they instantly gravitated toward the camera like it was a muscleman contest and they know the more attention on them the more likely they are to win.  This song goes on for a while and I am pretty sure they didn’t let up from the very beginning to the very end.

Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance – on a different pace one night the Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance came on and without missing a beat Phoenix starts to mimic perfectly the style of dancing to the music.  I am pretty sure he had never seen any dancing like the kind he was doing, but he was nailing it perfectly.

Those are just a few good and memorable examples of the boys groovin’ to the music.  If you see us on the road you will probably hear our radio up and dancing away…say hi!

Twins Mimic Daddy’s SneezeTwins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze

Enjoy the original “Twins Mimic Daddy’s Sneeze” viral video!  Our little twinners are so clever as they hear daddy sneeze and say, “Hey!  We can do that!”  Just watch and see… it’s adorable!

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The Cute BabiesThe Cute Babies

The Cute Babies

Watch the cute babies twins as they laugh their hearts out over the monkey!  Then click here to get the whole story on the cute babies and the monkey and why it made them laugh so hard…